Top Free Drawing Apps for iPad

If you have just got your hands on iPad with the apple pencil, (or in case you’re planning so), look no further. Its probably the best you have got. Whether it is drawing as a hobby or drawing professional grade illustrations, the apple pencil would stand out definitely over it’s competition. The only downside, is obviously, the price.

Here we’ll just go through the best drawing apps (free) to get you started with this incredible illustration experience.

1. Apple Notes

We do not consider apple notes as a drawing app because, as its name suggests, its a note taking app. But we would still mention it because its pre-installed, and it DOES give you basic drawing capabilities.

You get a few basic brushes like pencil, sketch, marker and you can also add text and images quickly. Perfect, if you like to take hand made notes combined with drawing, text and images.

2. Tayasui Sketches

Sketches is a great free tool to get you started with drawing on ipad. You get a good set of brushes and tools to work upon with. In addition to brushes, you get options like a ruler to draw lines, basic shape tools, ability to cut and paste parts of your drawings etc. Also you can get more features like gradient tool and more shapes by upgrading to pro.

This app also comes with various activities, drawing challenges and coloring tasks, which can be very useful for kids, as well as adults. They also provide you quick tutorials to use different tools in the app.

3. Adobe Sketch and Fresco

We like adobe skecth for its minmal set of tools, that might not be very powerful, but can be very easy for beginners to adapt with. It has limited but essential set of brushes which can be customised to a fair extent. It also gives you layer support, few basic shape tools and time-lapse capture functionality.

Although, as of now, adobe has moved from sketch to fresco which is quite powerful and feature-rich but not completely free. You can still use adobe sketch if you don’t need too many features, and would like to stick with the quick and easy drawing process with short learning curve.

4. Autodesk Skecthbook

Autodesk sketchbook is a comprehensive tool that was not initially free. The best thing about this is you can use this tool in other platforms (mobile or pc) as well, so importing and exporting your projects would be quite easy if you’re working among multiple devices.

Even for a single device, the tool doesn’t lack much in terms of features, but it might require some time to get you familiar with. Apart from a good set of brushes and layer support, It comes with many great tools like ruler, shape, predictive stroke, symmetry drawing etc.

We definitely love it for the set of features ir provides, that too completely free. If you’re not willing to spend any money, yet looking for a powerful tool, this might be a pretty good choice.

5. Paper

Paper is another app available for free download, but premium features would require an upgrade. It doesn’t come as a full-featured pack drawing app but it has good set of tools to get you started. Also it has a unique style of organizing your projects as journals, which might not be a big thing but definitely can attract a lot of users.