Solving Which Way Nord Puzzles

Note – Solution to all puzzles from Which Way Nord are uploaded here –

Which Way Nord is the latest contest offered by One Plus, where the users are challenged to solve a series of puzzles presented at The first step would be to visit the site and login with your one plus account. Once you get to the puzzle, you need to get in touch with One Plus Nord’s instagram account @oneplus.nord where they would be dropping out hints to proceed with solving the puzzle.
From their official account @oneplus.nord – “Let’s begin this year with a journey to find our true Nord – together. Oh, and those that find it the fastest are going to win a limited-edition OnePlus Nord Collector Box. After months of hard work, we’re proud to introduce Which Way Nord — the biggest and most difficult treasure hunt we’ve ever made.”
At the time of writing this post, there have been three puzzles put up by One Plus Nord.
First Puzzle – Scrambled Squares | Line Graph | Cube Puzzle
The first puzzle is a scrambled squares cuboid puzzle, where you have to create a certain pattern to solve the puzzle. Each side contains scramble square grids. The hints on what pattern would solve the cube puzzle was dropped on instagram acount @oneplus.nord

Second Puzzle The AR Filter Fun

The second puzzle of which way nord challenge again starts with a cube which contains a different shape images on each side. The images look like a holograph embedded within the cube. Once you start playing around you can see on touching each of these shape, it pops out and a sequence starts forming at the bottom of the page. So, you have to form the correct sequence using the shapes, but where to find the correct sequence?

The answer again is One Plus Nord’s Instagram account. Not in the news feed, this time though but in the AR Camera Filter that is available on the profile page. You play the game and figure out the correct sequence.

Third Puzzle – Treasure Hunt

This is the most interesting puzzle so far, and not so straight-forward. We again have the cube, with hell-lot of words engraved.

The instagram account contains two paths – blue and gray, which happens to be a complete account in themselves. Their profile seems to reveal some map, but how do you find the real treasure?

We also have an AR Filter – Secret Words – which keeps giving us three random words with some numbers – but you cannot form any meaningful words out of them.

The secret is in finding your true nord, they say. And the profile descriptions, and the captions – are really very helpful this time.

The details are a bit lenghty – such that I may write a separate post for this alone. So for now the following video would do which provides the full solution to which way nord cube puzzle #3.