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Green Forest

“The World Is Too Much with Us” is a sonnet by the English Romantic poet William Wordsworth. In it, Wordsworth criticises the world of the First Industrial Revolution for being absorbed in materialism and distancing itself from nature.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

“Alone” is a 22-line poem, originally written in 1829 and left untitled and unpublished during Poe’s lifetime. The original manuscript was signed “E. A. Poe” and dated March 17, 1829.

“Alone” is often interpreted as autobiographical, expressing the author’s feelings of isolation and inner torment. Poet Daniel Hoffman believed “Alone” was evidence that “Poe really was a haunted man.”[3] The poem, however, is an introspective about Poe’s youth,[4] written when he was only 20 years old.
[Source – Wikipedia]

white airliner

I wrote this poem for one of my friend who’s going through a rough patch. Time keeps changing and we just need to focus on what we can do to deal with a particular situation, instead of thinking about the things which are not under control. And even more important, don’t forget your own worth because of what other people say.


He was a free soulbut chained from insideSo many emotionsBut emptiness reside Storms passing through his heartYet so calm on the surfacestanding amid the crowdBut only loneliness to embrace Lost in his own worldA weirdo to everyoneSlept, but awakenSo strong, yet so broken flowing in his veins wereSparks of love passion ambitionA dreamer, a free...


Night,drenched in my loneliness,questioning¬† the empty sky,the lost stars,the invisible moon. Who’s mine, she asks? the wind, once very dearis numb tonight clouds,no Sir, they got no words. Its sheer coldBut what’s burning? Is that your heart?Oh, but how how come this fire from the ashes Evolvein the freezing night. A trace of loveOr a ray of hope...