Even the waves so vibrant
Could not wake the little soul
Lying on the shore, Lifeless
He has a hidden story to unroll

Who killed him, men asked the waves
Was it hunger or poverty
Some disease or the war
Tell us, who ate his alacrity

Being quiet for a moment
The ocean began speaking

You blame hunger
For the death of poor
You don’t value food
Never do you care

When hunger struck
Three loaves of bread, you drew
But ate only one
And threw away two

You question poverty
You blame the wars,
never looked on yourself
So you wonder
Who brought these scars

Only if, in place of questions
You could raise hands to the needy
Hold a gentle heart
Instead of being greedy

“I’m gonna tell God everything”
the little soul said before dying
And if he does
All you humans would be suffering

Because No hunger or disease it was
But, One of the men’s own quality
the thing That killed the boy
Was the absence of ‘Humanity‘.

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