Death by Choice

I don’t want to die. And I’m no coward.

But sometimes I think if there was a choice that i could make about how I die, then I’d say it should be peaceful. Maybe while I’m sleeping. Or maybe I’m just a little conscious, just enough to see my soul slipping away to the new world while my body lie motionless and painless. I don’t want all senses to be active but it would be nice to recall the good memories of life – love and happiness. So that I could leave this world with a smile on my face.

But sometimes I feel that all this description sounds too boring. And then there’s a risk of all the dark times taking over the good memories and push me to the

What if it could be adventurous. Imagine your body flowing with the waves when you have no control over the stream. You fight for a while but you know you cannot win over the strong currents and then you decide to surrender. And you can just enjoy this last journey, up and down through the waters like a roller coaster ride – one that’s gonna cost you your life so you make sure that it’s gonna be worth it and you decide to enjoy to the fullest. All that adrenaline rush that you thought about, at some point of time, is now alive and running through your whole body. And even though you’re going to die, you have never felt so lively before. So you cherish this last ride because you gonna take it to the other end with you.